18/08/2010 17:50


SKILLED BARBER WANTED. What an opportunity for some lucky person, BUT YOU'VE GOTTA BE GOOD!!! 


18/08/2010 17:44

Wednesday is the New Monday for GordonWatch's Word of the Week!!!

As you may have noticed, GordonWatch's Word of the Week comes to you on a completely different day this week. Not just this week though, as Wednesday is the new Monday as far as GordonWatching goes. Celebrating this calenderial commitment, Gordon has pulled a cracker out of his hood this week. With...


05/08/2010 09:09

Special Delivery!!!

Congratulations to barber Doug and his partner Laura on the birth of their beautiful, healthy baby girl named Isla. A little later than expected but it appears she was just waiting to grow a decent hairstyle. Best wishes for the three of you.


14/07/2010 20:36

The Mop Top Beatles Barber Chair!!!

Mister M's are currently negotiating to buy one of the barbers chairs used when The Beatles had their groundbreaking mop tops engineered in that infamous Hoffman photoshoot! Being for the Benefit of Mister M's. Whoosh!


04/05/2010 20:33

"GordonWatch Live from Dean Court!!!

In celebration of Eddie and all the boys at AFC Bournemouth, "Gordon's Word of the Week" is coming to you LIVE from Dean Court. Not just anywhere in Dean Court, but mid pitch invasion! Presumably inspired by this unity, Gordon decided to offer up this week's possible gesture of peace. It might just...


12/04/2010 19:38

Bournemouth's Second Best Kept Secret!!!

It's officially unofficial. Mister M's Barber Shop has been declared "Bournemouth's Second Best Kept Secret". The honour was bestowed upon us earlier today by a representative of somebody who knows lots of people at Bournemouth Town Hall. So there ya go!


25/03/2010 20:49

"Up the Cherries!" Coming Soon to Mister M's Barber Shop.

We are currently working on an AFC Bournemouth memorabilia section on the premises. As we have a collection of signed shirts and autographs dating back to the 1930s, it would be a shame to keep them completely hidden. Watch this space. Up The Cherries (In all Departments)!


01/02/2010 21:36

New Feature!!! "Gordon's Word of the Week".

"Gordon's Word of the Week". (Another Mister M's and Gordon the Tramp exclusive). Confused or just over-excited, Gordon has given us two words to be used exclusively in GordonWatch. Check them out!


13/12/2009 20:00

Gordon the Tramp Book !!!

Mister M's BookClub is extremely proud to be showcasing "My Time is Your Time" with Gordon Roberts.  In an exclusive make or break deal, Gordon the Tramp's story will be on the  shelves of Borders in the New Year!!! AMAZING!!!  Learn of the loves and losses (mainly losses) of...


18/11/2009 15:52

Late Night Late and Sundays

By popular demand, Mister M's will be opening for even longer in the build up to Xmas. Sundays 12:30 ~ 4:00 and 8:30 ~ LATE on Thursdays are our Festive gifts to you! Be there or be square.