02/10/2019 16:46

Guitars and Guitarists.

Being keen guitarists ourselves, there is always a guitar or two around if you fancy it.


03/09/2019 15:03

We Have Been Here Since the 1950's, Through the 1960's, 70's, 80's, 90's, the 00's and the rest!!!

As we have been here since the 1950's, through the 1960's, 70's, the 80's, 90's, 00's and the rest, there is always interest in the history of the shop. If anybody has come across any images of the outside of the shop from any era, it would be much appreciated if you could send them our way. Thank...


18/01/2019 10:46

Spam Spam Spam SpamBots

As there has been a lot of AutoSpamming of the online Guestbook by Eastern Block SpamBots, we have had to disable it for the short term. Pesky Reds. Hopefully it will be back up and running soon. As it is 9 years since I ham-fistedly constructed this site, there are 9 years of kind messages from...


22/06/2018 11:15

Ex Miss World at Mister M's Barber Shop?

We keep getting told that a former Miss World and Miss United Kingdom used to work in our shop many moons ago. It's the same person that keeps telling us, but there may well be something in it. If anybody can shed any light, it would be much appreciated.


01/10/2017 14:42


Just a quick mention to all students that we offer a STUDENT DISCOUNT, meaning you pay just £10.50 for your haircut. No problem if you haven't got your ID. 


18/07/2017 19:29

An Amazing Cause!!!

For anybody in a position to help, four year old Jacob Buckett is genuinely THE most deserving of causes. Just spreading the word by any means possible could be of great help as his situation is very rapidly becoming more serious. Please click the link below for more information (or copy and paste...


04/09/2016 13:02

Virtual Reality Tour of Mister M's Barber Shop

A VR Tour of Mister M's Barber Shop is available by clicking on the 360 Tour at the top of this page. It's headset compatible so let us know how you get on!!!


03/02/2016 17:03


For those wondering what happened to our 60th Aniversary celebrations, it turns out that we should have had them a year ago! We were informed that there has been a Barber Shop on the premises for 61 years so we are now in our 62nd year! Balloons out in 3 years and counting. Plenty more mens...


03/03/2015 12:17


We offer callout appointments to performers at The BIC and Bournemouth Pavilion, but you have to register over 8 points on the Mister M's Celebrityometer! It only goes up to 10, not 100 though! 


14/05/2014 15:55


Yes indeed. 69 Old Christchurch Road has been a Barber Shop for 59 years!!!  Ain't that something? Yes it is. Choosing not to celebrate the 58th or 59th years, and deciding not to hold out for the 61st year, we have selected "OUR 60th YEAR" to make a small fuss over. So next year is the biggy,...