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04/05/2011 16:04

Brain Surgeon v Ant & Dec's Push the Button Contestant v Tramp in "Psychic Football Score Predict-Off Special"

Exactly what it says on the tin. Seek out GordonWatch for more details.


13/04/2011 16:45

TrampVoyant in 80/1 Psychic Football Score Prediction Shocker!!!

It's exactly that. Gordon the TrampVoyant correctly predicted Peterborough v AFC Bournemouth would finish 3-3. That was indeed the correct outcome, and at odds of 80/1, anybody odd enough to place £12.50 at the bookies would be picking up £1012.50. That's right, winnings of one thousand pounds!!!...


09/03/2011 14:57

Mister M's Psychic Football Score Predict-off Cup Final Special!!!

Take a look at this week's GordonWatch for all the latest. It's a special one!


09/03/2011 14:35

Cheryl or Dannii Poll.

After more than 300 votes were cast, the poll has now closed. By 157 to 153, the winner is .....DANNII!


09/02/2011 17:33

The Beatles Barber Chair!

Have a click on the link on the top left of the page and find out about one of our recent acquisitions. It's unusual and its very heavy! And it's also The Beatles Barber Chair!!


12/01/2011 15:51

Gordon the Tramp Has Not Run Out of Words!!!

After last weeks worryingly big question, this week we have the big answer. See GordonWatch for more details.


05/01/2011 16:14

Has Gordon The Tramp Run Out of Words???

 Has Gordon run out of words? Could this mean the end of "GORDON'S WORD OF THE WEEK"??? See GordonWatch for more information.


01/12/2010 14:01


We may have a new feature coming to the site. Check out GordonWatch for more details!!


03/11/2010 16:56

Tramp v Barber in "Psychic Football Score Predict-Off".

Following in the hollow wake of Halloween, Mister M's Barber Shop is about to present to you "PSYCHIC FOOTBALL SCORE PREDICT-OFF". Please see "GordonWatch" for more details. 


29/09/2010 16:34

Special Delivery2. Mop Top Beatles Chair has arrived!!!

Mister M's are pleased to announce the arrival of a new chair in to the Mister M's family. After a complicated delivery, both owner and chair are doing well and receiving visitors. More to follow.....