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07/08/2013 16:36


Ten percent of the time, from our salon we can see the King of Birds, the PEREGRINE FALCON. Free borrow of binoculars and point in the right direction with every mens haircut. Is this a WORLD'S FIRST for a barber shop? Daft question, of course it is!!!   


05/08/2013 12:05


If you own or represent a local business, and would like to receive a Local Business Discount on a mens haircut please contact us and we will see what we can do.


21/04/2013 14:08


To celebrate half a dozen Mister M's haircuts gaining promotion to The Championship, for just a few weeks, we will be displaying our best AFC Bournemouth football memorabilia in the salon. WELL DONE LADS!!!


19/04/2013 11:50


Skilled Part Time Barber Wanted. Good opportunity, BUT YOU'VE GOTTA BE GOOD!!!


09/04/2013 18:05

BBC's Mastermind 2013 Grand Final Runner Up!!!

Congratulations are in order. A Mister M's haircut has made it's way onto the Grand Final of BBC TV's Mastermind! The aforementioned haircut made it through two heats, and then went on to take the runner up slot in the final, answering questions on the works of William Shakespeare. Some...


28/03/2013 18:27

Easter Opening!

We are open on Good Friday, 10:00 ~ 14:00. Happy Easter to you all.


08/03/2013 15:09

Free Penalty Save Offer!!!

First to take advantage of our generous offer is AFC Bournemouth stopper, Ryan Allsop. Nice man, nice haircut! Use it wisely Ryan!


15/01/2013 14:16

Client, friend and keen AFCB supporter Eddy Mercer is running the London Marathon 2013 in aid of Endometriosis. This is a great cause and any sponsorship help or publicity would be greatly appreciated. More information is available at


15/01/2013 14:06

Free Goal With Every Haircut Update! Update!!

Yet more AFC Bournemouth players are cashing in on the offer. Latest is Eunan O'Kane. Screamer!!! 


18/12/2012 17:09

GordonWatch Farewell

In the words of David Bowie ........"Not only is this the last GordonWatch of the year, but it's the last one that we will ever do." GordonWatch ceremoniously bows out on Boxing Day.