AWARDS: Top 10 Search Phrases for this Website (APRIL 2012)

These are all legitimate search phrases typed into search engines this month, that have somehow delivered the searcher to this website. 

1. nookie slot natural

2. huddersfield cattle market

3. 20/20 seigfried and roy

4. man with hand in cows arse

5. mental guy who stands at bournemouth

6. spitfire v-1 chasers

7. psychic football match score

8. tramp draftsman

9. darcy ward speedway bike

10. Ð´ÐµÐ·Ð¾ хоффман 

We had the usual 2,500+ views this month. 57 of those were from Googling "breading". As for some of the other searches that have found us...#bewildered