24/08/20 UPDATE: 

It has been a genuine pleasure welcoming you all back.

Please note that skin fades and beard trims are currently unavailable. 

Many thanks and take care. :)




       No straight razor skin fades


Welcome to Mister M's Barber Shop.

Frequenting our shop recently, we have had the pleasure of BIC Performers, Radio DJs, Television Presenters, Authors, Red Arrows Pilots, the Bournemouth Evening Echo and even a BBC Television Crew.

We have also had the great pleasure of including no less than seven AFC Bournemouth players as regulars, not to mention all of our clients great and small.

The business was formed with the merging of Antonio Barber Shop and Mister D's Gentlemen's Hairdressers many years ago. Located in the heart of Bournemouth, the premises have been a Barber Shop since the 1950s and maintained a high reputation throughout. We are more of a traditional shop as opposed to the skin fade shops popping up everywhere. The salon is also a Gallery of signed photographs and memorabilia following a Great British theme. This includes The Beatles Barber Chair.


Visitor's notice

Appointments aren't usually necessary as we normally have three barbers operating, but are handy if you are working within a tight time frame for your mens haircut, for example a lunch break. If you do find yourself with a short wait before your haircut, the waiting area is comfortable with it's TV, the best up to date magazines, cold water dispenser, air conditioning and even a first floor view for people watching. Being keen guitarists ourselves, there is always a guitar or two around. We have a fantastic clientele of businessmen, local office staff and shop workers and we are members of the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce.